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Hackney Church Brew Co Diamond

Hackney Church Brew Co is about more than just great beer and great food. It’s about providing an amazing space with a deep connection to the community, the church and the people.

Hackney Church Brew Co Diamond

We source as much of our ingredients for our drinks and our food as we can from within walking distance of the brewery and we don’t do or serve anything unless we can do it as best we can. The result, we think you’ll agree, is a space unlike anywhere else in London.

Our story


A broad church

Hackney Church Brew Co Diamond

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and Hackney is one of the most diverse parts of London. We’ve created an environment that celebrates this, a place everyone can enjoy. We have great beer but we have great non-alcoholic drinks too; we’re a craft brewery, but our Sunday Roasts are most definitely a family affair; we’re partnered with Hackney Church, but we’re a broad church. Everyone, and anyone, is welcome here.

Hackney Church Brew Co Diamond

We brew our own beer, but we're far from a closed shop, we also support other local breweries, both large and small.

We want to help the Hackney community grow, not just our business, Sunday afternoons are just as important to us as Friday nights.

For us, without the community, there is no brewery.

Hackney Church Brew Co Diamond

Our mission statement is “Beer for all sorts”. We believe good beer can make a difference and the people of Hackney are at the heart of everything we do. We brew outstanding beer, and we use it to benefit our local community.

Hackney Church Brew Co Diamond